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Homeless Hygiene Bags

LOCATION: Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL
DATE: Will Resume September 2020

Image by Jonathan Kho

This September, with the help of volunteers and the South Florida community, will be putting together and distributing 300 - 400 hygiene bags for the homeless every other month. 

These hygiene bags are a great way to provide the South Florida homeless population with products to keep them in good health.

Hygiene bags can include...

  • bottled water

  • sanitary napkins (for females)

  • razor & shaving creme

  • toothpast & toothbrush

  • mouthwash & mints

  • hand sanitizer

  • liquid or bar body soap

  • deodorant

  • comb & brush

  • lip balm

  • powder

  • snacks (i.e. fruit snacks, granola bars, potato chips, crackers, fruit cups)

  • a note of encouragement

As this is an ongoing project, we are constantly accepting donations for these bags. If you would like to get involved, please contact

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