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Get Heard on the Lit Lounge DJ Virtual Tour and Star Quality Entourage have teamed up to give artists the opportunity to have their music reviewed by some of the south's hottest radio, club, and mixshow djs.

The COVID-19 pandemic created has created a hiccup in the way in which artists can get their music in the hands of djs. But our team is here to help. We have created the Lit Lounge DJ Virtual Tour to solve this problem.

It's the city/dj you would like to have your music sent to. Within 3 - 5 business days you will receive a recorded video of the dj of your choice reviewing your music.

Participating DJs include, but are not limited to...

  • DJ Dr Doom, On-Air Personality at 93.3-FM The Beat (Jacksonville, FL)

  • DJ Tremayne, Program Director at 107.9-FM (Valdosta, GA)

  • Fat Boy Rhymer, On-Air Talent at 96.7-FM (Valdosta, GA)

  • Klarc Shepard, On-Air Talent at 96.7-FM (Valdosta, GA)

  • DJ Tantrum, On-Air Talent at 99 Da Box (Charleston, GA)

  • Flock, On-Air Talent at WIIZ 97.9-FM (Augusta, GA)

  • DJ Shizm, On-Air Talent at 95.7-FM The Beat (Tampa, FL)

  • DJ BDub, Resident DJ at Club Blaze (Atlanta, GA)

  • DJ Chill Will, Mixtape DJ (Valdosta, GA)

  • J ToTo, Club DJ (Columbia, SC)

  • Hot Girl Maximum, Coalition DJs & On-Air Talen at 102-FM (Montgomery, AL)

  • DJ Cuzzo, On-Air Talent of 95.7-FM (Birmingham, AL)

  • DJ CJ da Stickman, On-Air Talent of 95.7-FM (Birmingham, AL)

  • DJ Henhouse, Club DJ (Detroit, MI)

  • DJ Mob, Mixshow DJ of 97.7-FM (Jackson, MS)

  • DJ King Rob, Radio & Club DJ (Indiana)

  • DJ Bama, Club DJ (Miami, FL)

  • DJ Sco, Mixshow DJ of Hot 105-FM (Miami, FL)

  • DJ Diggem Down, Club DJ (Miami, FL)

  • DJ Slick Rick, Club DJ (Miami, FL)

  • DJ Arod, Mixshow DJ on WBIX, (Savannah, GA); Mixshow DJ (Mobile, AL), Mixshow DJ (Augusta, GA)

  • Mike Fresh, Club DJ in (Savannah, GA), Mixshow DJ of 97.7-FM (Jackson, MS)

  • DJ Loose Kid, Club & Mixshow DJ of 104.5-FM Da BEat (Tallahassee, FL) clubs mixshow 104.5 Da Beat

  • DJ Jam, Mixshow & Club DJ (Tallahassee, FL)

  • DJ Headbussa, Club DJ (Tampa, FL)

Pricing starts at $30 each city.

For more information contact


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