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Kodak Black's Meet-N-Greet at DTLR Celebrating Release of "Back For Everything" EP

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, Kodak Black partnered with DTLR Radio and WEDR 99 Jamz to host an epic Meet-N-Greet experience for his Sniper Gang fans in Miami at one of DTLR's South Florida locations.

Hundreds of fans lined up patiently waiting for their chance to meet and grab a quick pic with their music idol. Kodak Black who seemingly blessed his fans of all ages and ethnicities for a little over 3 hours, was super over joyed for the opportunity to meet some of his most dedicated fans.

Arriving to the Meet-N-Greet with a limp and a crutch due to an injury that occurred a month prior, Kodak Black was grinning ear to ear when he saw the enthusiasm that filled the room from his fans and other local media that were covering this event. Making his way to the stage, he sat and and greeted fans 1-by-1 as they made their way towards him with their newly purchased "Back For Everything" cd and other Sniper Gang merchandise for him to sign.

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